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I’m so glad you attended the No Regrets Conference on February 5th. It was so encouraging to be reminded that our God is still on the throne, and He will give us the strength and wisdom to Press On from our past and into the future.

The six-week study below is designed to continue the momentum from the conference. One of the goals of the conference is to launch a movement of small groups out of the event. If you are not presently in a small group, I encourage you to find a few men you went to the conference with and start meeting once a week, using this study.

Follow Up Study

Keep the Momentum Going with Basecamp an
Online Bible Study

Basecamp is an online resource for your men’s small group.  You wouldn't climb Mt Everest, without months of training and preparing to step on the top of the world. In the same way,  this experience  will give you what you need to become the man God created you to be.


Basecamp is a series of short digital study guides, 6-8 weeks in length that include video teaching, Scripture reading, thought-provoking questions and group experiences. Each lesson includes Leader Notes to help you lead thoughtful discussions.

A group leader or point person should set up your small group (called a Cohort), give the cohort a name, then send invitation links to their men to join this private, secure digital group. You can share notes, host discussions and do your homework in the privacy of your own group. 

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