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Every church has its own unique culture and needs. Ministry is not “one-size-fits-all”. We recognize the individual journeys of each church and the men that attend. That's why we offer Coaching as part of our Leadership Training tools.


With over fifty years combined leadership training experience on our team, serving the local church--regionally, nationally and internationally--we have crafted proven pathways and principles to help you forge a vibrant disciple-making ministry to men.

Your custom coaching benefits include:

  • Research and prescriptive support

  • Analysis of your church’s individual ministries

  • Training in the Disciple-making Model: Prayer * People * Prepare * Plan

  • Principle recommendations for your church and specific men’s ministry

  • Coaching alongside you as the recommendations are implemented

  • Can be a one-time coaching session or ongoing care 


Please fill out the Coaching Inquiry form to get started. We will contact you to discuss the best coaching and service fees. Let us help get your ministry to men thriving.

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