No Regrets Study Series

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What does the No Regrets Study Series cover?

Learn what it means to be a real disciple of Jesus, how to follow after Jesus, how to pray for others, encourage on another, forgive one another and love one another. You will find your kingdom purpose and prepare to serve as the “hands and feet” of Jesus in the community where you live.

Why should I go through the No Regrets Study Series?

No Regrets is designed to put men in a place where they become an apprentice to Christ, where they can be taught and transformed by God. It will help you care for your soul so that you might find satisfaction in God. Your life purpose will be solidified and energized, inspiring you to pursue the reason God created you. The greatest fear that men have today is not death, but living a life with no purpose. Going through the No Regrets Study Series will help you discover God’s purposes for your life and to live it out.

How is the No Regrets Study Series different than other study guides?

NRSS is not just another light-on-content men’s Bible study. This series is designed to transform the hearts of men and to create a leadership pipe-line for the local church. The goal of No Regrets is to make fully devoted followers of Christ who make disciples who make disciples.

How many books are in the series?

There are a total of eight books in the series. Each book has eight lessons to be done over an eight week period. The typical small group will complete Books 1-4 during their first year and Books 5-8 during their second. The books were designed to be done sequentially.

NOTE: Each book, with the exception of one, requires at least one supplemental book to be purchased and read in conjuntion with the study guide. These supplemental texts are also sold in our online store and are available at a discount when purchased with the corresponding No Regrets study guide.

How much does it cost?

The cost of each study is $12.95. Most of the studies require at least one supplemental book to be read and referenced through the course of the study. All audio and video messages are available in our No Regrets Study Series Resources section of our website at no additional cost.

How much homework is there each week?

There will be approximately an hour to an hour and a half of homework each week. This will include:

  • Scripture Memorization
  • Bible Study
  • Supplemental Reading
  • Audio/Video Messages
  • Personal Reflection

These assignments are divided up over 3-5 days to help you budget your time and to get into the practice of being with God on a regular basis.

Are there any outside commitments required?

Besides the homework each week, we encourage the group to consider choosing one service project to do together. It’s also a good idea for newly formed groups to do a social event within the first few weeks to allow the spouses to get to know the group members and to hear what NRSS is all about.

I travel a lot. How does it work if I am gone?

Every person will likely miss a week during an 8-week study guide due to vacations, sickness or work. If you do miss a class, it is important to still do your homework and to check in with at least one of the group members to let them know how they can pray for you. This is especially important in terms of accountability within the group.

I'm looking for Top Gun materials and somehow I wound up here. Where can I find them?

Top Gun is a predecessor curriculum to the No Regrets Study Series. We’ve taken the best aspects of Top Gun and updated and incorporated them into the No Regrets Study Series. Please contact our director, Chris VanBrocklin, at 1-800-919-9059 with additional questions about Top Gun.

What is Beginning the Race?

Beginning the Race (BTR) is a 6-week Bible study designed for men who are just beginning their walk with Christ, especially if they have never experienced a men’s small group before. In it, they will discover God’s plan for their lives and His training program to help them grow. BTR has minimal homework and no supplemental readings. It’s a great prerequisite for many men before they commit to the No Regrets Study Series.