No Regrets Study Series

The No Regrets Study Series

Small Group Discipleship Program

The No Regrets Study Series empowers men to change their lives, their families, their community and the world. The NRSS is a 2-year, 8-book disciple-making program designed to model, teach and encourage practical application of biblical principles that build a solid foundation for living for Christ. This curriculum is a unique discipleship training program that draws on the expertise of many of the leaders in men's ministry through our study guides and supplemental books.

Year 1

Book 1 - Becoming a Fully-Devoted Follower of Christ

Discover how to follow after Jesus and find your kingdom purpose.


  • LESSON ONE - Becoming a Team: Practicing to Follow as One
  • LESSON TWO - Accountability: Get Real and Be Transformed
  • LESSON THREE  - Following Christ: What Exactly Does that Mean?
  • LESSON FOUR - Counting the Cost: It’s All in the Surrender
  • LESSON FIVE - The Great Commission: Leaving Eternal Footprints
  • LESSON SIX - It’s a Battle: Strategic Defenses to Fight Temptations
  • LESSON SEVEN - Band of Brothers: Why Every Man Needs One
  • LESSON EIGHT - The Mission: Living With Purpose

Book 2 - Building Your Spiritual Muscle

Explore the spiritual disciplines God uses to train and work out His team.


  • LESSON ONE – Heaven’s Champion: Becoming More Like Christ
  • LESSON TWO – God’s Workout Plan: Going into Strict Training
  • LESSON THREE – Fire Power from Above: Unleashing the Holy Spirit
  • LESSON FOUR – Run into His Presence: Moving Forward On Your Knees
  • LESSON FIVE – The Winning Advantage: Practicing Daily in the Word
  • LESSON SIX – Strength in Silence: Encountering the Father Alone
  • LESSON SEVEN – Exercise a Feast: Filling up on Holy Food
  • LESSON EIGHT – Push Through the Pain: Suffering that Produces Endurance

Book 3 - Being the Man God Created You to Be

Learn how God defines masculinity and become the man He created you to be.


  • LESSON ONE - Masculine Meltdown: Battling a Cardboard Goliath
  • LESSON TWO - True Identity: Discovering Yours in Christ
  • LESSON THREE  - All Men Have Them: Wounds of the Past
  • LESSON FOUR - The Broken Man: Let God Heal You
  • LESSON FIVE - Man’s Best Friends: Doing Life Together
  • LESSON SIX - Sexual Purity: Releasing the Grip of Secret Sin
  • LESSON SEVEN - A Clear Mission: Evaluate Your Life
  • LESSON EIGHT - The Anger Dragon: Handle It or Be Handled

Book 4 - Bringing God to Work With You

Study how to keep your integrity, find balance and serve others on the job.


  • LESSON ONE - Created to Work: Blessing or Curse?
  • LESSON TWO - Integrity Matters: Keeping Your Ethical Edge
  • LESSON THREE - Job Duty: Serving God and Others
  • LESSON FOUR - Finding a Balance: Profession or Obsession?
  • LESSON FIVE - Money Management: God Owns Everything
  • LESSON SIX - Standard of Giving: You Can’t Take It with You
  • LESSON SEVEN - Measure of Success: Treasures in Heaven
  • LESSON EIGHT - Adversity: Turning Failure into Eternal Success

Year 2

Book 5 - Becoming a Man of Influence

Identify your spiritual gifts and create change as a servant leader.


  • LESSON ONE – Looking for Power? Love Like Jesus
  • LESSON TWO – Want to Be Remembered? Start By Serving
  • LESSON THREE – Need More Strength? God’s Given You Gifts
  • LESSON FOUR – Just A Spectator? Stand Up and Act
  • LESSON FIVE – Evangelism? It’s Not a 4-Letter Word
  • LESSON SIX – Feeling Ineffective? Leave Your Comfort Zone
  • LESSON SEVEN – Got a Story? Make A Connection
  • LESSON EIGHT – Ready To Influence? Tell God’s Story

Book 6 - Building a Home, Not Just a House

Explore practical tools for growing your marriage and parenting your children.


  • LESSON ONE – Say I Do: It Was All God’s Idea
  • LESSON TWO – Love And Respect: What Does That Mean?
  • LESSON THREE – Communication: Listening Not Just Hearing
  • LESSON FOUR – Romance: Keep the Fire Burning
  • LESSON FIVE – Our Children: The Importance of a Father
  • LESSON SIX – Godly Fathers: What Makes a Dad Great?
  • LESSON SEVEN – Faith Training: Are You Legacy Minded?
  • LESSON EIGHT – Discipline: Keeping Your Kids on Track

Book 7 - Believing and Knowing the Truth

Solidify your faith as you learn the reasons why to believe what you believe.


  • LESSON ONE – The Word of God: It’s Revelation and Scripture
  • LESSON TWO – God Himself: Who Is He?
  • LESSON THREE – The Consequence of Sin: How Did Man Fall?
  • LESSON FOUR – The Person of Jesus: Fully God & Fully Man
  • LESSON FIVE – The Work of Christ: The Power of the Cross
  • LESSON SIX – The Holy Spirit: Power From The Living God
  • LESSON SEVEN – The Church: Christ Alive in the World
  • LESSON EIGHT – The End Times: When Will Christ Return?

Book 8 - Beginning Your Mission with God

Prepare to understand God's plans to use you to expand and train His team.


  • LESSON ONE – Everyman: Made for Mission
  • LESSON TWO – The Story?: God’s Mission for the World
  • LESSON THREE – Your Mission: Move Out into The World
  • LESSON FOUR – Join with God: Discover your Mission
  • LESSON FIVE – It’s Game Time: The Man God Uses
  • LESSON SIX – The Mandate: Go Make Disciples
  • LESSON SEVEN – Practical Principles: How to Invest in Eternity
  • LESSON EIGHT – Life Plan: The Man with No Regrets

How Does This Program Work?

  • 1 to 1/2 hours of homework each week divided into short daily segments including: Bible Memorization, Bible Study, Supplemental Reading, Video/Audio Messages, and Personal Reflection.
  • We believe that God has gifted many people with leadership and knowledge about how to effectively grow His kingdom, so we draw on many resources. Each NRSS study guide (with the exception of one) requires additional books for supplemental reading homework, as indicated. Learn from Steve Sonderman, John Ortberg, Steve Farrar, Joseph Stowell, Bill Hybels, and more. The supplemental books are available at a significant discount as a bundle pack in our Online Store.
  • Audio/Video messages are available in our online resource section at no cost. Participants will receive a password for message access with purchase of their first book.
  • Men gather for a weekly group meeting where they experience small group discussion, accountability and prayer.

Get Started

A Sample Lesson from BOOK 1

Lesson Three – Following Christ: What Exactly Does That Mean?

Goals for the Lesson

  • Examine the calling of Jesus in the life of the disciples.
  • Determine what following Christ should look like in our own lives.
  • Deepen our understanding of who He is to better articulate why we have chosen to follow Him.

It has been said that the greatest threat to Christianity is not materialism, humanism, or post-modern thinking, but rather Christians themselves trying to sneak into heaven incognito, having neglected to live out what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. The greatest need in the church today is to once again understand what it means to be a “Disciple of Jesus.” The word disciple according to the Greeks meant one who followed, learned, and imitated another. All three concepts are evident in the impact that Christ had on his disciples and are equally powerful in shaping our view of a modern day disciple.

Today the church is in desperate need of more men who are actually Disciples of Christ. The church needs men whose lives have been radically transformed. The church needs men who are passionate, not about leading, but men who are natural leaders because they are themselves lifelong followers. The church needs men who are so on fire for God and His ways that they commit their lives to modeling for other men what it looks like to follow Christ. Guys I’m telling you this is exciting stuff. So let’s get started.
“Leaders, if they will be persons of lasting and effective impact,
never view themselves as anything but followers.”

-Joseph M. Stowell, Following Christ

Before Class

  • Read Scripture Memory Secrets
  • Memorize Matthew 4:19-20
  • Complete the Bible Study on Luke 5:1-11
  • Read chapters 5 & 6 from Following Christ by Joseph Stowell

Day One – Memorizing God’s Word: Matthew 4:19-20

This might be the first time you’ve ever attempted to memorize verses of God’s Word but I know you can do it. Get ready because you will see the Holy Spirit use this act of worship in your life to glorify the Father. God’s Word will become alive and active in you. How awesome is that?

Read through the “Scripture Memory Secrets” found at the end of the book on page 80. Begin by writing out Matthew 4: 19-20 in the space provided below. I would strongly encourage you to write your verses on a 3×5 cards so that as you continue to memorize God’s Word you will have them all in the same place for easy review.

When you begin to memorize scripture it is always helpful to get a sense of the context the verse is in. So read Matthew 4: 18-22 and Luke 5:1-11 to see what comes before and after the verses.

Begin to memorize the verses.

Day Two – Studying the Word: Luke 5:1-11

In order to get a better at the idea of what it means to be a disciple, let’s study Luke 5:1-11. Begin by reading the passage several times. Then ask God to speak to you and give you His wisdom as you reflect on His Word.
  • Write out your key observations from this passage.
  • What is the relationship between following Christ and obeying Christ?
  • What does Simon Peter’s response in verse 8 tell us about his view of Christ and his willingness to follow Christ?
  • Jesus called Simon Peter, James, and John—and he calls us, as well—with a goal; what is it?
  • After studying these two passages, what one word or phrase really spoke to you?

Day Three and Four – Read chapters 5 & 6 of Following Christ by Joseph Stowell.

While you are reading, be sure to write the key principles and any observations you have of the material. Also note what challenged you most.

What were the Key Principles/Observations?

What challenged you the most during the reading?

What were your favorite quotes or verses?


Day Five - Reflection (Optional)

Take time to reflect on what you’ve learned so far. Use these questions as the inspiration to help you see how far you have come.
  • How does the thought of being called by Christ to “Follow Him” rather than “Make a decision for Christ” give you a sense of significance and motivate you strongly for the work he has given you to do?
  • How has following Christ put you on a collision course with our culture?
  • The call to follow Jesus is a call to an exclusive attachment to Him. It is first and foremost about a relationship. What does it look like when you lose sight of this truth?
  • In order to better follow Jesus, what “nets” do you need to drop?

In Class

Open in Prayer

Memory Verse Review – Matthew 4:19-20

Whoever is in charge of the memory verse review should take time to quiz the group members on this weeks verse. Be encouraging with each other. This is easier for some people than others. Remember be creative in your review. Whatever you do, do not skip this!

Small Group Sharing, Accountability and Prayer – 40 minutes
  • Share with the group one ‘Regret’ you have in your life.
  • Where do you want to be held accountable this week?
  • How can the group members pray for you this week?

Large Group Discussion – 40 minutes
  • Using all the material you have studied this week, develop a working definition of a “Disciple of Jesus Christ.” You are encouraged to put your definition into words.
  • How has being a follower of Jesus put you on a collision course with our culture? Is there any circumstance or relationship you have in your life right now where it is hard to maintain your identity as Jesus’ follower?
  • Discuss Chapters 5 & 6 in Following Christ by Joseph Stowell.
    • Have each person share one quote that was most helpful from the reading.
    • How has following Christ altered your view of your career?
    • If Christ is so compelling, why don’t we follow Him with full devotion?
    • What specific principles in Chapter 6 challenged you to deepen your relationship with Christ?

Key Principles:
  • The Call of Christ is to a person, not a church, denomination, or specific leader.
  • To follow Christ is to move into a deeper and deeper relationship with Him.
  • Only lifelong followers become the disciple-making leaders others are compelled to follow.
  • The Call of Jesus on our lives gives us a sense of significance, boldness, and mission.

As we end week three together, you should be starting to feel bolder in your faith. Christ is calling you into a deeper relationship with Himself. You should be starting to understand that following Christ is actually going to be a lifelong pursuit. It isn’t something you could ever accomplish at the end of these 8 weeks. It’s a lifelong journey following the Call of Christ. Next week we will continue together by asking the important question, “So what’s the cost of following Christ?”
“Come follow me,” Jesus said “and I will make you fishers of men.” At once they left their nets and followed him.
Matthew 4:19-20

Beginning the Race

Foundational Curriculum

Any serious minded man wants to live like a champion and make a difference in the world they live in. When they die, they want to have left their mark in the world, left some type of legacy, some type of lasting impression on their family, church, workplace and world.  This is a given, the real question is how do we become a Champion in Life?  How do we become the man we want to become and the man God wants us to be?

This 6-week bible study is going to walk you through I Corinthians 9:24-27. In it, you will discover God’s game plan for our lives and His training program to help us get there. You will discover what it means to live with a sense of purpose and to impact the world you live in.

Beginning the Race is the perfect Bible study for guys who have never experienced one before.  With just 6 weekly lessons and  some limited  homework, this is the perfect study to get men ready for the No Regrets Study Series Books 1 through 8, a 2-year discipleship series that will transform the lives of the men in the church.

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Take Root Study

Theme Studies

Bible Study 101

After the No Regrets Conference in the beginning of February, we invite men to take the next step toward becoming a disciple of Jesus, a step that can often be intimidating for a man who is new in his faith or unfamiliar with a small group atmosphere.

We have developed these follow-up studies to correlate with the theme of that year's conference to carry the momentum of that one day into the next 364. But don't feel like you have to attend the conference for them to be valuable! These studies are for any guy. Written to be concise, unintimidating, casual in tone, these studies don't require any previous Bible knowledge or experience, yet they challenge men to go deeper in their relationship with God.

It's Bible Study 101. Come as you are; bring a friend.


2016 Study

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