No Ordinary Training

At No Regrets, we recognize that men’s discipleship is not a single event. It’s a daily process of life-change. But, sometimes it’s illusive and hard. There’s not a magic formula for discipling men and no one owns the market on the best method or curriculum.

That’s why, when the conference is over and the notes are put away, it’s time to get down to the basics of what we can do to make sure that the momentum is not lost and find out what our church can do to build a sustainable ministry for men.

The answer is not found in another training or another book. It’s found in a one-on-one discovery process with an expert; someone who has been down that road ahead. Someone who can help you to figure it out.

1 on 1 Consulting

Personalized coaching from a men’s ministry expert to help you strengthen your men’s disciple-making ministries. Not just another book, conference, or worship. Real, in person, customized, relationship-centered consulting for you and the men of your church. We invest in you so you can invest in them.

No Regrets Speaker Bureau

Oftentimes, coaching can be the difference that helps take your ministry to the next level and No Regrets is blessed to have several capable speakers and trainers on staff or part of our ministry. We highly recommend these men if you are thinking of bringing in an outside speaker for a men’s breakfast, retreat, couples event, or to train and encourage your leaders. Please contact us to get our recommendation.

Steve Sonderman

Steve is Executive Pastor of Ministries at Elmbrook Church. He has served in various roles at Elmbrook since 1984 and serves as Chaplain to the Milwaukee Brewers baseball team. He founded No Regrets and wrote the No Regrets Study Series. Steve coaches and teaches all over the world. He and his wife Coleen live in Brookfield and have four grown children and a growing granddaughter.

Chris Van Brocklin

Chris is the Director of No Regrets Men’s Ministries. Prior to that he served as an area director for Man in the Mirror and as National Director of Men’s Ministries for the Evangelical Free Church of America. He coaches, trains, and teaches frequently about men’s discipleship. He and his wife Shelli live in Brookfield and have three grown children and three growing grandchildren

Brian Sonderman

Brian serves as the Executive Director of Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity. Prior to that, he was Lead Pastor at Metrobrook Church in Milwaukee. Brian cares for the poor and homeless and has been known to surprise audiences with his unique take on how we should serve those in need.

Ralph Mierow

Ralph serves as an area representative for Fellowship of Christian Athletes in SE Wisconsin. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point and earned an MDiv from the International School of Theology in sports and pastoral ministry. He speaks frequently in all kinds of settings encouraging all to live out their faith in their daily lives. He and his wife Linda live in Milwaukee and have one grown daughter.

Extraordinary Results

No Regrets One-on-One Coaching will pair you with a seasoned expert who will help you to strengthen your church’s men’s disciple-making ministries. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Everything, and we mean EVERYTHING, starts with a prayerful dependence on God and His will
  • We are not going to try to sell you anything
  • We are very familiar with nearly all of the men’s discipleship strategies and methods (Sleeping Giant, How to Build, No Man Left Behind, Why Men Hate Going to Church, etc.)
  • We are very familiar with many of the men’s discipleship curricula (Men’s Fraternity, the 33 Series, No Regrets, Wild at Heart, Stepping Up, Knights of the 21st Century, etc.)
  • We specialize in all kinds of men’s discipleship from startup to fully functional, from tiny churches to mega-churches, and from mentoring small groups to 10,000-man conferences
  • We have discipled men who’ve discipled men who’ve discipled men
  • We know how hard it is
  • We know how to come alongside each other